How to Outsource Remotely like a Professional

Your remote team can boost or break your business.

Yes, you have a great product.

Yes, you have a market willing to pay for the product.

But do you have the right team to push the product at the right time?

   “Great Vision without great people is irrelevant.” Jim Collins

Your employees whether remote or in-house are crucial to ensuring that your business runs orderly. Because we all know you can’t do it alone.

You need a team. Not just any team but one that is the right fit and enjoys the business relationship that you have.

Tooltip: Always remember it’s not management against employees but rather ‘us’ as a company both employees and management working together towards the same goal. Read More

Transcription: Everything you need to know

Transcription is the conversion of an audio or video into text. When a transcript is displayed on a video it is commonly referred to as captioning or subtitling.

Benefits of transcribing audios and videos for your audience

One of the major questions I get from Podcasters and YouTubers is why should I transcribe my audios or videos? Well, here are a few reasons why you should:

Transcription improves SEO

Let’s face it, it is becoming competitive each day to attract and maintain an audience.
Unfortunately, search engines cannot read audio or video content. So, when a potential client searches for your content and you only have them on podcast or video, then your marketing tactics to rank on top maybe futile.
According to Moz, transcribing your podcast and youtube videos is a not a nice-to-have when you want to rank for SEO. It’s simply a must. Read More