CCTV for Business | Security | Video Surveillance

Let’s face it

You can’t always be around to protect your business’s assets from intruders.

It is not just impossible but it is cumbersome.

That’s why you should install CCTV on your business premises.

If you haven’t already.

According to Insureon survey, 35.2% of small businesses experienced an incident in 2016. These incidents consisted of theft, employee injury, customer complaints and injury, fire, or damage from company’s products.

A CCTV can help businesses keep track of such incidents and prevent them from happening in the future.

Also, installing a CCTV system can not only keep away intruders but act as a source of evidence. That is to both law enforcement and any other interested parties.

What’s more, in case of vandalism you can use the records to claim for insurance. And we all know dealing with insurance companies is not an easy job.

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