GDPR: Is Your Business Affected by the EU Regulation?

General Data Protection Regulation is a law which governs how businesses use data of EU citizens.

On April 27, 2016, the European Union parliament passed a law that would regulate how we use data. Not just any data but of any EU citizens residing anywhere in the world.

The law which is referred to as General Data Protection Regulation seeks to give back power to the citizens on how companies use their personal data.

GDPR is an improvement of Data Protection Directive which was put up back in 1995 in EU.

Let’s admit this, the internet has become an integral part of our lives.

We are able to connect, work, make payments, and even exchange information with anyone in the world. But with such freedom there’s no responsibility.

Back in the 90s, the internet was not as vast as it is today and hence much needs to be done to protect civilians personal information. And the European Union has led the way to protect consumers.

For the past few days, the story of Cambridge Analytica has rocked mainstream media. Facebook has been on the receiving end of the scandal. The hashtag #deletefacebook was also trending on Twitter, but the waters seem to have cooled down after Zuckerberg testified in the US Congress. Data privacy is becoming an issue with the rise of the internet and accessibility to affordable smartphones all over the world.

Currently, if you have personal data of any EU citizen, you can use it however you want to. Heck, you can even sell such info. You will only get in trouble if your act is discovered. But things are going to change as from May 25, 2018

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