Hire a VA

Let me guess,

You always wanted to be your own boss. Create a great product/service, find customers and make money. And of course become financially independent.

That was the first guess.

Maybe you are employed by an amazing company but you don’t make enough to sustain your needs. So (on the side) you have an e-commerce site for selling products and services; a podcast show, you’re an author or a photographer.



The list is endless.


We know that there are things you don’t like doing:

Not to worry, that’s where I come in.


Life is too short. You need to enjoy it.

Whether it’s with family or friends or just relaxing, you should make merry while you still can.

And let me handle the admin tasks of your business.

Why you should hire me

Tell you what,

I spent four years in college learning how to work as an admin. From transcription to document storage to customer service and even HR, I got you.

Of course, I’ve had to enhance my skills here and there but rest assured you’re dealing with a professional.

Post college, I’ve also worked as a personal assistant for two years. After which, I left to go into freelance Virtual Assistant.

To be honest, I love what I do. It gives me joy to streamline processes so that businesses can excel.

What you’ll get from my services

A bit about me

My name is Wamboi Gicheha and I am a full-time Virtual Assistant. My days mainly consist of work but on weekends and holidays, I spend time reading, or writing, and sometimes traveling. I am also a big fan of DIY (Pinterest) projects.

On the Blog section, you can find helpful resources to help you navigate your e-Commerce business.

Reminder – you can always email me on tasks@wamboi.com for any inquiries and tracking your order.